Jim Walter Homes Prices

From a meager savings of $395 and a $500-loan, in 1946 Jim Walter bought, spruced up a bit, and then sold his first shell house at $1,195, gaining a nice profit of $300. Six decades and 350,000 houses later, Jim Walter Homes prices have increased to tens of thousands depending on the location, size, and model of the house.

A typical home can be almost 900 sq. ft. in size for a 2-bedroom model to about 1800 sq. ft. for 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom Jim Walter homes. Prices for these packages may range from $90,0000 to $100,000, depending also on the structures included in the deal and on the amount of work that the homeowner may need to do. A Jim Walter Home may be delivered to the home site ready to assemble, with the building materials marked and bundled according to the stages of construction. The homeowner has the option of having Jim Walters Homes erect the structure, hire a local contractor, or do the work himself.