Modular Homes

Modular homes are houses that are made up of different sections or modules. These sections are built at a remote, manufacturing facility, and then brought to the site where they are to be erected, and assembled into a residential building with the use of cranes, trucks, and the services of a local builder. Depending on the design and manufacturer, modular homes can be out of the manufacturing site in as short as two weeks. Another 2-4 weeks are given for the local contractor to be able to complete the house’s assembly.

Even if the various sections of the modular home go through strict quality control measures while in production, the fully assembled house would still undergo inspection by a local building official and checked if it conforms to the local, state, or regional building codes of the place. Well-built modular homes of good quality materials are expected to have the same durability and longevity as those houses built on site, and are also estimated to increase in property value over time.